BEKEM was established in the year 1994 and has commenced executing works in the name of M/s B. Krishna Mohan Engineers & Contractors. To match the continuous growth of our operational ability, financial strength, human resources, plant & equipment, machinery and our repute in the industry, we have converted our organization into a Company i.e., from M/s B. Krishna Mohan Engineers & Contractors to M/s BEKEM Infra Projects Private Limited from September 2008.


Ouroperational experience is of 19 years in Hydro Mechanical, Civil & Structural works. We are one among the very few companies to hold registration as Special Class Contractor with Government of Andhra Pradesh under Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structures (F& ESS) category.


Projects (EPC) already executed by us include various notable projects including ShriMaheshwarHydel Power project in Madhya Pradesh (World Largest Radial Gates) Singtaluru&Narayanpur Power Projects in Karnataka, Kelo&Karranalla Projects in Chattisgarh, Sulwade Barrage Project in Maharashtra , Gandikota Dam Reservoir project etc. in Andhra Pradesh.


Our Current Projects (EPC) include for several prestigious organizations such as Yellampally Project, Pulichintala& Lower Jurala in Andhra Pradesh, Samoda Barrage, Saradhi Barrage in Chattisgarh, Shelgoan Barrage, Lower Tapi, VarkhedeLonde reservoir Project in Maharashtra, Jorethang Power Project, Teesha 6 and Dikchu power project in Sikkim.


Specific structural works undertaken by us include design, supply of materials, fabrication and erection for works such as Structural Sheds for Power House of NagarjunaSagar Tail Pond Project, Structural Sheds and Structures for Lower Jurala Power House Project, Jorethang, Narayanpur&Singtalur Power Projects and Air Port Hangers in Hyderabad International Airport.


Design, fabrication and erection of all types of gates, trash racks, rope drum hoist, hydraulic hoist, gantry cranes, penstocks, expansion joints, walk way bridges etc. have been our areas of expertise in hydro mechanical works.


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